Welcome to Habitual

Why Habitual?

  1. Support Team
    – At Habitual we take pride in making sure our customers have the best gaming experience possible. We offer 24/7 support through our discord, if you have an issue we have the fix.
  2. Quality
    – All of the products we offer, we have personally hands on stress tested on many different PC’s. Purchasing through us guarantees high quality gaming
  3. Trustworthy
    – Habitual started and we gained over 1000 customers in less than a month and we are by the community and for the community. Since the start we have provided Instant deliveries, on time updates, and transparency.

Zaptine Aim

Zaptine provides a premium and fully undetected Balorant cheating experience. Over at Zaptine, our developers have invested hundreds of hours into developing a legit Aimbot that you can use to gain a competitive edge in game while maintaining the integrity of your accounts.


ZSoft EFT is the best undetected EFT enhancement in the market. With the track record of being 6 months UD you can keep the integrity of your accounts without having to worry. The features are unmatched and with this enhancement you gain the upmost competitive edge.

Habitual Spoofer

A digital product and application in which our customers purchase during checkout, that temporarily changes the identifiers of their computer, this can be for multiple reasons: Privacy, most manufacturers install unique fingerprinting identifiers on their customers computers. 

Watch our INSANE RUST enhancement showcase!