Zaptine Aim


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Product Information


  • Color (Purple, Red, Yellow)
  • Smooth (Speed-Smoothness of the aimbot)
  • AimKey (Specify key to toggle the aimbot)
  • AimKey 2 (2nd aimkey to toggle the aimbot)
  • X and Y Offsets for both aimkeys (Same as bone selection)
  • Custom fov for both aimkeys and the X and Y axis


  • TriggerKey (Specify key to toggle the triggerbot)
  • Trigger Delay ( Milliseconds to wait before you shoot)
  • Trigger Speed ( Milliseconds between the shots)

Recoil control system

  • Enable/Disable with hotkey
  • Speed (Specify speed of pull down)
  • Distance(Specify distance of pull down)
  • PreDelay(Milliseconds RCS waits to activate)


  • Config system (ability to save your own settings)

This Product works on

  • Works on all hardware
  • Works on all resolutions
  • Works on all Windows 10 versions

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