-Aim Fov- [Limit Aim angle for the Aimbot 0-500]
-Aim Speed- [Determine the linear speed of the Aimbot 0-100]
-Aim Curve- [Determine randomization for the Aimbot 0-100]
-Select Hotkey- [Select preferred Hotkey (Left mouse, Right mouse, Mouse 5, Mouse 4, Left alt)]
-Select Target- [Choose between Enemy Only/Team Only/Both]
-Select Bone- [Chooses preferred bone for the aimbot
-Primary- [Tell the Aimbot to either use Primary or Secondary fire]

-Trigger- [Turns on Triggerbot/Autoshoot]
-Select Hotkey- [Select preferred Hotkey (Left mouse, Right mouse, Mouse 5, Mouse 4, Left alt)]

Prediction is adjusted dynamically based on Hero and projectile being shot

-Outline ESP- [Engine drawn ESP](Outline color / Aimbot Target color / Ultimate color)
-Skeleton ESP- [Shows Skeleton of enemy playermodels]
-Distance/Hero Name- [Shows the Distance and displays Hero name]
-Battle Tag- [Displayes Enemys Battle Tag]
-Draw FOV- [Visualize Aimbot Field of View]
-Box ESP- [Draws Box around Enemy Player](Corner / Full / Curved Full)
-Healthbar- [Shows Enemy healthbar below ESP box]

-Auto Melee- [Will automatically Melee if Target on crosshair can die and is in range]
-FOV Changer- [Lets you change the Field of view 1-179]

-Auto dash- [Will automatically dash onto targets it can execute]
-Auto Rightclick- [Will automatically right-click a target in range]

-Auto rightclick- [Will automatically rightclick targets (dynamically) Killable/100%
-Head only- [Will only rightclick targets if on head]

-Auto discord- [Will automatically discord aimbot target]
-Auto Kick- [Will automatically kick any target in Zen’s range](credit @xSniper )

-Antiflag- [Removes all traces and HWID gathering done by Warden]
-Streamproof- [ESP will not show with direct capture](Any OBS , XSplit , Discord Game capture, Medal) (Outlines will still show / Screen recordings will still show)

[Supported GPU]

Any Nvidia
Any Radeon
Any Intel

[Supported CPU]

Any Intel

[Supported OS]

Windows 7 32bit
Windows 7 64bit
Windows 8.1
Windows 10 32bit
Windows 10 64bit
Windows 11 32bit
Windows 11 64bit

Additional information

Renewal Term

1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month


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