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Xplosion Rage


Xplosion is one of the top Valorant game enhancement software in the business. This provides a full range of Aim and Vision for you to play with.



Memory Aimbot / Silent Aim
FoV Slider / Color Wheel
Smoothing Slider
Universal Aimkey
Bone Offset Controller
Hitbone Selection
Show / Hide FoV Circle
Health Scan


2D Bounding Box
3D Bounding Box
Agent ID
Nazi Crosshair
View Angle / Barrel Matrix
Distance (+/-)
Box 3D Thickness (+/-)
Visible Chams
Ignore Dormant Scanning
Color Configuration for Text / View Angle / Vis & Non-Vis


Optimized for GPU / CPU Performance
CPU Delay Editor
User Friendly

You Will Get Three Optinos To Choose From

1 Day

1 Week

1 Month