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Woofer Pro


A digital product and application in which our customers purchase during checkout, that completely changes the identifiers of their computer, this can be for multiple reasons: Privacy, most manufacturers install unique fingerprinting identifiers on their customers computers. Peace of mind, knowing that no one is tracking your digital and hardware fingerprint. Or lastly, they can use it to test their fingerprinting service. We refund them if our software doesn’t work or isn’t compatible with their machine.

Supported Games:



FiveM (In certain circumstances)


Apex Legends



Call of Duty



Super People

> Does it require formatting my PC?
No, it does not require a full format of your PC.

> How long does it take?
Key generation is automatic, and we have 24/7 staff to keep you supported, instructions take maximum 10-15 minutes for advanced users and 20-25 minutes for novice users.

> Is it a “one-click” spoof?
The spoof is fully automatic, but there are some mandatory instructions that you need to follow.

> Is it permanent?
Yes, even if you formatted or change parts in your PC, you will be spoofed forever.

> What Windows Version does it support?
It supports all Windows versions including Windows 11

> Can my PC break or get bricked in the process?
No, it cannot break as we have multiple fail-safes for this issue.

> Does it work on laptops?
If it is within the motherboard criteria, yes.

> Can it be detected, or patched?
If you have successfully spoofed (more than 3 days without a ban), then no, you will never be able to get banned again, unless you decide to cheat.

> What motherboards are supported?
We support all major motherboards

> What happens if I fail the spoofing process?
If you fail the spoofing process because we have unfortunately supplied you with wrong info, or in other cases where you fail the process because you didn’t read the instructions correctly, you will not be compensated and will need to wait 3 days to respoof

You Will Get Three Optinos To Choose From

1 Day

1 Week

1 Month

Woofer Pro Normal is a lifetime reusable product that has a cooldown of 72 hours.